For the know-nothings among you looking for an introduction to micro, this might just be the one. Nothing's better than hands on experience when it comes to getting to grips with a micro, but Microcomputers For Business And Home is probably the next best thing.

As the reader is assumed to be someone who doesn't yet have a micro, the approach is very basic: its value lies in the concise and straightforward definitions and descriptions. At the risk of stating the obvious, the author has tried not to make any assumptions in the early chapters about what you know.

Seven sections take you progressively deeper into the subject - from buying a micro, through a description of actual programs, to how to design a program. Each new jargon word used is briefly defined, and common terms are set out at the start of the section in which they'll be used.

The book leans, if anything, a little too heavily on the business side, but nevertheless it is good value, and a helpful introduction to anyone interested in micros.