Z80 Microprocessor Advanced Interfacing With Applications In Data Communications - if the title sounds like a mouthful, try the book!

This is definitely not for beginners. When they say 'advanced', they mean it, but happily that doesn't mean that it's unreadable, as is so often the case.

However, there's so much in here that there's no room for any light-heartedness.

What there is, in abundance, is great wodges of heavy stuff. It starts with a description of the machine which will be used as a test-bed. It's called the Nano-computer-HL (High-Level, that stands for), and the book covers it in great detail.

Such detail, in fact, that it will be very difficult indeed to relate the information to a real computer. By that, I mean one you can toddle off to the shops and actually buy.

From that point on, it gets really difficult. You'd better have a pretty good idea of exactly what does go on inside a microcomputer, since the book assumes you already do.

Now, don't get the idea that I'm slating the book - far from it. I cannot applaud the authors loudly enough for producing a book which is not another 'How To Make A Zillion Pounds In A Weekend On Your ZX81'.

It is about time people realised that these machines are capable of remarkable feats if programmed correctly, and that in order to do so, the most important resource is information.

In all, this is an excellent book for anyone who wants to understand the Z80, but be warned, you'll have to do some mental press-ups.