Cheshire Cat Looks For The Cream

Proving that microcomputing isn't exclusively a male preserve, three Cheshire housewives have got together with teachers and programmers to form a co-operative producting educational software.

The first product from Ampal Computer Services (0565893563) is the Cheshire Cat series.

Intended for children from 5 to 18, the software includes maths programs from pre-school to 'O' Level History, 'O' Level Physics, beginners' computer programming in Basic and its big broter, Basic tutorial advanced level.

The programs use a game format in full colour, with the sound and graphics facilities provided by home computers such as the Dragon 32, the BBC and the Oric.

An example of this technique is Super Spy - a modern history simulation combining video game skill with teach-yourself history. You are parachuted into wartime Britain as a German agent.

Similarly Maths Level 1, for children aged 4-6, contains a series of brightly coloured, animated games with musical accompaniment, teaching you to count, sort, add and so on.