Electron Teletext Break

Sir Computers has taken an early lead in the race to provide peripherals for the new Acorn Electron.

Sir is releasing a teletext adapter for the £199 micro that will allow it to run BBC Micro programs using teletext Mode 7. This will be a great boon to Electron users, as the majority of BBC software uses Mode 7 for at least the title page - and without a teletext adapter the Mode 7 graphics are unreadable on the Electron.

The adapter will also allow you to download teletext software from the BBC's telesoftware service - giving you much the same facilities as Acorn's own teletext adapter for the BBC. Sir hopes to make it available by mid-October.

Sir's first Electron add-on, available in three weeks, will be a joystick and printer interface for £40. The printer interface will provide a BBC-style Centronics port with the full complement of BBC *FX calls to control and configure standard printers, while the joystick interface will contain an analogue to digital converter - enabling the use of the BBC Basic ADVAL command.

A working prototype of the joystick/printer interface was demonstrated at last week's Acorn User Show. The device plugs into the Electron's expansion port and is driven by software either on cassette or on an EPROM chip.

Sir (0222 21341) also announced the development of a plug-in ROM board for the Electron that will allow the new micro to use the same plug-in ROM software as the BBC.