Mayhem In A Modem

The introduction of Micronet's hardwired modems for the BBC and Sinclair Spectrum computers is likely to send the cost of secondhand acoustic modems plummeting.

The expected price-drop will be led by people who bought acoustic modems for the BBC Micro last spring and now find themselves wanting to upgrade to Micronet's £69.95 hardwired modem. The upgrade will be encouraged by Micronet's offer of free ROM software to any existing acoustic modem owner who buys the hardwired version.

And those who do upgrade to a hardwired unit will probably want to get rid of their acoustic modems - which cost them slightly more than £50 last spring. In order to compete with Micronet - which still sells the acoustic modems new for only £60.10 (including Vat, post and packaging, software and Micronet registration on Prestel) - owners of acoustic modems will have to sell theirs for less.

That price will be pushed down even further by the fact that buyers of used modems will have to pay £15 for a Micronet registration or £20 for a one-year membership to Prestel.

The Spectrum modem is currently being offered at an introductory price of £74.95, including post, packing, jack-plug installation, and Micronet membership.