Multi-printer Interface For DEC

Following hard on the heels of Midlectron (PCN, issue 24) and RTZ, TechSolv Products has released an interfae unit that lets you use Qume, Diablo and Fujitsu daisywheel printers not just on the DEC Professional but on the entire DEC range of micros.

Harry Case, director of TechSolv in Reading, says the £172.50 device called Emudec, consists of a 6" x 2" unit with its own Z80 processor inserted in the RS232 cable. You take the power in interface cables from the printer and plug them into the unit, which then plugs into the micro itself using two more cables.

The interface intercepts printer commands for the DEC LPQO2 daisywheel printer and changes them into commands suitable for a Qume Sprint printer or equivalet.

Midlectron has an interface card for making a DEC Professional work with an Epson printer and RTZ Computer Services has a financial planning package out with an interface serving the same purpose.

RTZ's package, Pro-FPS-80, has a starting price of £1,725 and you can only buy Midlectron's product if you buy an Epson printer at the same time.

The TechSolv unit is available now direct from TechSolv Products in Reading on (0734) 584239 until distribution outlets are set up.