Optic Orders

It's too late to be the first in the queue for a storage device that will give you 1,310Mb per side, but Hitachi is taking orders, and is promising shipments next April.

The Japanese giant has developed an optical disk storage system in conjunction with its subsidiary, Hitachi Maxell. The H-6975-1 is said to use a 12" optical disk with the astronomic capacity mentioned. Besides data it can also be used to store text or illustrations, and according to Hitachi the average access time of the system is 250 milliseconds.

This drifts out to six seconds in Hitachi's optical library devices, in which 32 disks will offer mind-boggling capacities.

You won't be able to attach this kind of device to a Spectrum in the foreseeable future, but with deliveries due to begin next year they could be making a widespread impact, on service such as viewdata and pastimes such as arcde games, before the end of 1984.