Printing Plus

Daisywheel pioneer Qume has added a new printer to its Sprint line. The unit can be yours with an RS232, Centronics, IBM PC or IEEE-488 interface, so it will run with almost any micro you care to name. This kind of versatility doesn't come cheap - the Sprint II Plus has a price tag of £1,395 besides a name that will send shivers down the spines of older UK users. But to soften the blow Qume is claiming high reliability for the printer - 5,500 hours between repairs. There are two versions, giving 40 and 55 cps. Qume also has a 130 character wheel as an optional extra to give the printer a range of typeface and alphabets. It is distributed in the UK by Teleprinter Equipment of Tring. For more information, contact (01) 637 2281.