Security On Soft Menu

If you don't trust the 'normal' type of security for your data-files (the locks, keys and hidden places), then Lifeboat Associates may have the answer for you.

It has just launched a program called DES-Crypt, a software implementation of the Data Encryption Standard algorithm. This has been approved by the American Bureau of Standards as a safe and reliable way of keeping sensitive files safe from prying eyes.

DES is more often heard of as a hardware implementation and is available in chip form, but the new program offers the same level of security as is much cheaper.

DES-Crypt will be available to run under PC-DOS, MSDOS and both 8- and 16-bit versions of CP/M.

Operating the program should be easy, since it's menu-driven, and as well as turning readable files into meaningless blocks of five characters (and being able to undo the process), it has options which allow the user to check that a file has been properly encrypted, as well as data-authentication and automatic key-generation.

It's aimed at the kind of professions where the data which is liable to be handled will be confidential or valuable - doctors, financial analysts, stockbrokers and the like - but every business will have sensitive data somewhere on the system.

The minimum memory required is 36K, and it will cost £105. It's available from Lifeboat on 01-836 9028.