Soft On Sharp

To coincide with the appearance of Sharp's MZ700 series (Pro-Tested in this week's PCN) Solo Software has released software covering games, utilities, and modest business applications for the machine.

Sharp launches have regularly been dogged by the lack of good software and Solo aims to prevent this happening to the MZ700.

Its catalogue includes five adventure games, many of which sound like a home game at Chelsea, 25 'pocket money' games, 13 old favourites like Frogger and Fighter Command, six business programs, and educational systems.

The business programs are a simple database, sales and purchase daybook, sales and purchase analysis, and various routines devised for club organisers. Prices range from £6.95 to £78.

The adventures and old favourites are all £6.95, the pocket money games £3.95, and the educational material will set you back between £3.95 and £6.95.

Sharp itself is offering software for the system, but has stressed that the MZ700, with its tape-loaded languages, is largely intended to appeal to the programmers among you.