TI Bargains

If you're saving up for the 16-bit TI99/4A micro, hold on to your crumpled fivers and wait until the end of September, when the price will fall from £150 to £99.95.

Some software has also taken a cut. Examples are Wumpus, down to £11.95 from £21.95; Connect 4, down to £14.95 from £21.95, and Multiplication, which will cost £19.95 instead of £31.95.

Software for the TI99/4A is being increased with the emphasis on computer literacy and secondary education up to 'O' level.

Twelve new cassette packs will join the present range at the end of the month at £9.95. These are being released by Collins Educational Publishing and Ivan Berg Software.

The Collins range includes Chess Learning and Record Keeping, while the Ivan Berg collection will mostly cater for secondary education with programs including Maths Tester, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Texas has no plans for further price-cuts. One-third off a leading product should keep the pot boiling for the time being.