TV Freeze-Frame By Tellyprinter

Telly addicts will soon be able to get a 'still' of their favourite scene from any TV programme and have it reproduced on paper, provided they have a TV with a video output socket and a special thermal printer for around £100 from Matsubishi Electronics.

The system also lets you freeze and save Prestel and teletext pages, but printout is in black and white only.

Marketing assistant Steven Wankling said he expected the printer to be available from October onwards, adding that the company would initially sell direct. It will consider selling the unit via the Mitsubishi TV dealership too, depending on demand.

"We are bringing in a small quantity - several hundred - at first," he said.

The system works by taking an image off the TV screen via the video socket and landing it in the printer's digital frame store. It then starts printing out the image on paper, "like a screen dump program," according to Mr. Wankling.

Enquiries should go to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in Rickmansworth, Herts on (0923) 770000.