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Software Bond: The Customer Pays

As a partner in a business supplying Sharp software by mail order, I am dismayed by the suggestion being put about by the Computer Trades Association that magazines should refuse ads unless supported by an insurance bond for prompt delivery or refund (PCN Monitor, issue 22).

Although the objective of eliminating the 'cowboy' trader is worthy, such a scheme would not be effective because of the time-lapse before bond-renewal became impossible. What it would achieve is an increase in the cost of software, because it is the customer who would ultimately have to pay the premium.

Surely the better solution would be for publishers (or the Computer Trades Association) to maintain a list of businesses about which repeated delivery complaints were made, and for this to form the basis of ad acceptance scrutiny. I am dismayed by the CTA suggestion of 56 days for delivery - we dispatch the same day!

D. E. Loverseed
David Computer Software
Bramhall, Stockport