Writing adventure games is probably more fun than actually trying to solve them (more remunerative too). It's not difficult to see why this type of game has become so popular among computer hobbyists. If you've the type of brain that delights in solving problems then adventuring and programming are a rewarding combination.

"Once you've mastered the tricks of the adventure writing trade... you'll know how to invent environments which are self-consistent, mapable, and which can be discovered and explored by the players," says the foreword to Creating Adventure Programs.

Two complete adventures are provided here in the form of Dracular and Journey but this is not just a listing book dressed up as something useful. Most of the material is devoted to passing on information on how to write and design the things rather than just copy them in.

Spectrum Adventures takes a similar route for those of you with Spectrums. This is a bulkier tome and includes chapters on the origins of adventure games and some background.

If you've yet to make your first programming million then Creating Adventure Programs or Spectrum Adventures could be a good capital investment.