This book is designed to complement the native HX20 documentation rather than compete with it. It is really a beginner's guide to Basic with the HX20 as the intermediary.

It purports to direct the reader/user towards programming for business, with special reference to its portable possibilities.

It is very basic - starting from the beginning and taking no previous knowledge for granted. All the concepts, including data files, arrays and so on are explained and demonstrated, the idea being that the reader will eventually be able to develop his own simple programs. For instance, the book demonstrates a vending machine program. This could represent a typical HX20 application where portability is an essential element.

The style has the familiar user's guide feel and is concise and useful.

Although the concept of this book is laudable, effective programming, especially for a business where a program's reliability is essential, requires a bit more knowledge than that provided by this slim volume.

As the title says, this book is about 'getting started' with the Epson HX20 - it's really just a primer for computer beginngers, not a definitive text for programming for your own small business.