Many books bombard you with listing upon listing for your favourite computer, but although they may be a cheap source of games - if you can stand the finger-bashing - they usually offer little of educational value.

Dynamic Games For The Spectrum takes a similar approach but has the bonus that each game is given an introduction which takes you through the programs line by line. The tricks used are explained and various modifications are suggested.

The programs are mainly for games which fall into four categories: arcade, board, adventure and simulation. The usual games such as Tic Tac Toe, Chess and Checkers can be found but there are some originals.

This book is fairly well written and the text is easy to read. Some programs also include a diagram of a screenshot which gives an idea of what the game should look like before you begin to key it in.

The listings vary in readability, however, and some are only legible.

The final chapter in the book contains hints and tips about improving your programs, and there is the usual machine code renumber given in the appendix.