After all the criticisms of Pascal on the grounds that it's autocratic, inflexible and more than a little chaotic (which, one may add, its propoents have endured with ill grace), it's a real pleasure to find Pascal Programs For Games & Graphics, by Tom Swan.

It's a book which proves that Pascal as a language is no less cpable than any other, and that its limitations are often brain-related.

The subject is, as the title indicates, concerned largely with the less weighty side of using Pascal, but this doesn't mean that the programs are trivial. Some of the games are almost of arcade quality, and in addition to a special Library Unit, there are four that are actually useful.

These four, a character editor, a picture editor, a touch-up utility and a picture-printer, comprise the main core of a practical computer-aided design system which, with small effort, could be expanded into a professional product.

A pleasure to read, and a useful addition to the library of many Pascal-dabblers.