This book joins a range from Granada covering micros which include the Oric, Newbrain, Camputers Lynx and Commodore 64.

It features games for both the 400 and 800, explaining that the drives of the 16K Atari 400 will have to be disconnected to get sufficient memory to run the four biggest programs in the book.

These are Capture The Quark, Laser Attack, Treasure Island and Smalltalker. But there are another 17 programs in the book which, if you've got the patience to type them in, should help you understand.

The authors provide an excellent introduction which gives all the help you'll need. The games chapters offer typing tips, subroutine structures, details of special programming techniques and suggestions for further improvements.

The program listings vary in length between two and five pages, instructions are clear and comments concise, helping you to use the listings to the full.